NJ Green Kids

Our Mission

Our mission is to stop climate change and air and water pollution around the U.S, right now we are working on Bordentown, NJ.  Here is why. According to "8 reasons we need to phase out the fossil fuel industry",  global warming is presenting growing challenges to human health and safety. But it isn't just humans, many animals are close to extinction such as seals and polar bears and many more. That still isn't all, there is also that terrible pollution according to the same article, there are many air pollutants that we produce that are awful for us, and are horrible for the earth such as soot ( or PM2.5) and smog (ozone) all of these air pollutants increase risk of death from stroke, heart disease, lung cancer and respiratory illness among those exposed to these air pollutants.  Also according to the same source, the world health organization estimates that PM2.5 causes about 4 million deaths worldwide every year. This shows that climate change and pollution are killing millions of people.  Another reason we need to stop producing air pollutants is, according to the article "Fuels of the Future", there are so many better clean energy options we can use such as waterwheels, wind turbines, solar panels and ethanol. According to un.org, climate change also causes more severe storms. This is why you should help us, NJ Green Kids.    

Polar bears are close to extinction. 

    Seals are also close to extinction.